Time Management Takes Courage


Have you ever heard that you should schedule time for fun?  Which seems like an oxymoron because that doesn't match with fun at all.  I would totally agree that it sounds lame.  However, I've come to realize that scheduled fun is actually the most fun of all.  You don't have to feel guilty for whatever it is you are not doing or be preoccupied with what comes next.  That scheduled down time is yours to be enjoyed and should be treated as sacred.  Though, to take advantage of that free time with a true clear conscious, you also have to commit to a schedule for all of life's other stuff, like work, studies, household responsibilities, health maintenance, etc.  I'm not talking about being rigid with a stop watch, monitoring everything you do but I am saying that life is about a blend, where there needs to be a dedicated space and time to get it all done. 

Make a personal plan; figure out your real priorities vs. the time wasters and re-adjust how you are spending your time accordingly.  Check and balance regularly, as we all know *#@% happens.  Plus, some of today's priorities could shift to tomorrow's frivolous, over time.   It takes sticktoitiveness and raw courage to treat all of your time as precious and the reward comes in being able to work to live vs. living to work.  The Shades of Influence here is within each of us, to be discerning and protective of what matters most in our limited valuable time.