Your Professional Shelf Life....


Try this concept on for size.. in our jobs today, we all have a professional 'shelf life'.  It's not exactly like a can of soup's best before or expiry date, however it's actually not that far off either.   Basically if you are employed by someone else, no matter the industry you are in, there will inevitably come a day when the organization will determine that they no longer require your services or you will decide that it is your time to move on.   You should need no more evidence to be convinced of this than to tune into the multitude of new reports spewing stats on the current unemployment rates and fortune 500 companies downsizing and/or restructuring.   Not to mention the amount of people you personally know or stories you have been told of friends and family who have experienced the 'shelf life' effect too.  The truth is, even years of dedicated performance may not shield you from job elimination. 

For some, it is a personal choice to catapult themselves and renew their own 'shelf life' by starting something new; like a different role, a fresh career/profession, or continuing their education.  In these cases, the individual is much more in control of charting their own path.  So essentially, it comes down to two options..  you let your professional destiny be determined by someone else or you determine it yourself.  When you think of the Shades of Influence around you, which would you choose?

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