Glass Slippers or Glass Ceilings?


Think about the fairy tales we all grew up with...Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and of course the most popular of them all, Cinderella.  What was the common thread in all of those stories?  If you said that the females were portrayed as helpless princesses who needed to be rescued from their dire situations, you would be correct!  I call it the glass slipper syndrome - as females, we are taught from a young age that we are or should be princesses.  But what does that really mean?  What are we telling our girls about the expectations of them?  

Fast forward to adulthood - seeing women at work is the norm as women occupy many different types or roles in business. The difficulty is that women are still not seen in as many senior or executive level positions, regardless of their capability or output.  Why is that and why can't we push though that glass ceiling?  

Of course we know that in modern day fairytales, princesses are writing their own stories and in the working world, there are more women who are running corporations and leading the way.  But by and large, the same old school messages are being spread, whether we realize it or not. 

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