Chapter 4 - Release Your Past To Embrace Your Future

This chapter encourages us to "Know Who We Are."  The author reminds us that your past does not define you.  It may have impacted you, but it does not dictate your present and future.

He goes deeper into explaining this very theme by exploring the following:

  • A Man You May Relate To
  • So What Do You Do?
  • Look For Your Blessings In Disguise
  • Just What You Always Wanted..
  • What To Do When Your "Brothers" Come Back


Shades Thoughts


Hope, Trust and Time


Hope is there in the beginning and the end

Hope is there when you gain a friend

Hope is a gift, a scientific break threw

Hope is what I feel when I'm with you


Trust is a gift that we should treasure 

Trust is a weihhy as light as a feather

Trust was not a thing I knew, until I found trust in you


There is time to cherish

There is time to feel

But most of all there is time to heal

(Author Unknown)

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