Our Goals


So what is our goal here?  Well, our driving force is to create different platforms to help others tap into their potential. 

We are a group of everyday people who want to use their experiences to influence the narrative on how others foster relationships and prepare for the future.

We also want to harness the power in diversity: we feel strongly that everyone has something to offer and we can all learn from each other’s experiences and outlook. 

As we plan our work at Shades of Influence, we will focus on 4 guiding questions: 

  1. Did we influence others to seek out their potential and ability to better themselves or improve their outlook?
  2. Did we educate and inspire? 
  3. Have we created or helped generate diverse conversations?
  4. Did we make a positive social or cultural impact? 

Those questions will allow us to be reflective and purposeful and will help us stay focused.   

We want to be able to influence our paths, to adjust how we look at ourselves and each other and remove the barriers that hold us back.