I'd like to Participate In an Up & Coming Event. How do I contact you?

We are happy to hear you'd like to either participate as a vendor at one of our events or would like to be a vendor.

To purchase tickets please follow the event ticket purchase instructions listed under the event.

To participate as a vendor or to sponsor an event please use our Contact Us form and additional information will be provided.

How often Do you add new posts to your website?

As curious citizens we are constantly learning and embracing all that is around us.

Our goal is to share as we learn, meaning each week we are excited to provide you with new perspectives.

How Can I submit An Article I'd like published on this website? 

As a team we truly believe we are "Stronger Together" and encourage you to provide feedback on any topics you feel we should cover.  All feedback is considered and should we decide to leverage your idea we will be sure to give you credit.

If you are interested in submitting a Blog post to be added to our site please provide this request through Contact Us and we will get in touch with you to discuss next steps.


What is the Goal of this Collective? 

As an inspirational and motivational team, we encourage you to read about how this initiative started and what we are looking to accomplish. 

Our journey can be found here.

How Can we contact any of the individuals/organizations/groups you've written about?

As a team we believe 'sharing is caring' and as such typically include the website information of anyone that is profiled on our website.  If a link is not provided please feel free to Contact Us and we'd be more than happy to pass along the information.

Where is this organization located?

We are citizens of the world who are focused on bringing as much learning to you as possible; however the head office of this organization is stationed in Toronto, Canada.

What is your privacy policy?

If you no longer wish to receive direct messages from Shades of Influence please select the opt out option on any correspondence you have received or simply send an email to shadesofinfluence@gmail.com, stating "Opt Out".  We will work to ensure that you are removed from our mailing list within 10 business days.