Celebrating Young Talent...My Very Own Shades of Influence!


Friends, Cousins, Siblings, Neighbours…Yes, we are surrounded by so much creativity that often we don’t stop to recognize and celebrate what is right in front of us!  Well today I’m turning a page in what we call life and want to take time to celebrate the talent that I see daily.

Introducing Kayla Bullen, an aspiring young designed, who is slowly forging her footprint in the fashion industry.  Kayla wants to find a way to use recyclable fabric in her design just to ensure she contributes positively to the environment.  Keep an eye out for her designs.  I wear them daily and find them functional and what I deem comfortable attire.

Introducing Annastacia Smith Richards, a passionate young adult who has so much talent that daily we learn more and more just what this young beauty has bottled up inside of her.  Most recently we realized she can carry a note or two and loves all types of music genres, other than just Soca.  Be sure to check out her video below.  I know I had a huge smile hearing her perform at a recent contest, which she won.

The lesson here is that we each have our very own Marc Jacobs or Beyoncé right in front of us.  We must support and encourage our local talent and not wait until they become famous before recognizing their abilities!