Your Brand - Is It By Design or Is It By Default?


We've all been given the same advice from our parents, aunts, uncles, respectful, make a good impression, make sure you look presentable.  Good advice for sure but to what end and for what purpose?

Let's do a little experiment.  Close your eyes and think of someone...anyone that you know.  Got it?  Ok think about what you know about them.  What attributes and characteristics do they possess?  How do they present themselves?  How do they 'show up'?

All of those things that you thought of make up a person's brand. Yes we mean brand in the same way that you're thinking.  Companies have brands and so do we.  Your brand is what people identify you with and what you are known for.  

When you think of your brand, consider whether you have a brand that is by design or by default. 

Let us explain...if your brand is by design, you are in control of what is being thought of about you.  You are making decisions that impact the perception of you in a positive way.  These things can help you in many different ways, from being taken seriously to aiding in your career development. 

If your brand is by default, that means you aren't really involved or not playing an actual active part in how others perceive you.  For example, if you don't edit the things you say or the ways in which you communicate, you could be limiting yourself when it comes to being considered for a new job or  getting more responsibility at work.  

Having a strong brand can definitely impact you in different ways.  Having a weak brand can also have an effect.  

Find out if your brand is by design or default by asking the people in your life, some who know you well and some who don't, about their perception of you.  If you are surprised by what you hear, then this is a good indication that you may not be as in control of your image as you think.  

By doing this exercise, you can learn more about yourself and you can better shape the way you present yourself to the world.  

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