5 Reasons You Could Use a Mentor....


Whether you are trying to figure out your next move, beginning a career, opening a business, or are well established in the work that you do, having a mentor can benefit you in ways you may not of imagined.  There are Shades of Influence (or influencers) who are willing and capable mentors all around us.  You just have to tap into them and here are 5 reasons why it could be beneficial...

  1. It's all about YOU - having a mentor gives you dedicated time with an active listener and contributor to talk about your plans/goals; successes/challenges; and who helps to work through thoughts and ideas.
  2. Been there..Done that - a mentor has both personal and professional experiences that they are open to sharing, so that you can learn lessons on what to do and even, what not to do!
  3. It's FREE! -  a mentor could be considered better than a coach because a mentor is someone who is truly willing to give of themselves and work closely to help others better themselves without receiving payment.
  4. Networking Opportunity - mentors are often well connected due to their vast experience and can be an aid in getting you exposure to where you want to be.  Also, by being involved with a mentor you are getting your name and aspirations known by others, who may think of you when an opportunity arises.
  5. Opens a Two-Way Street - mentorship relationships are informal and more fluid.  Even though they tend to be with a more experienced person guiding a less experienced person, there is a mutual commitment to development, which opens the way for joint learning on both sides.  If you want to leave a memorable impression on your mentor, there is no better way than to teach them something too!

Treat your own development as important and seek the partnership of someone willing to help.  You're worth it!

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