An EatTrainLive Journey


If you are like me, leading a busy active life, you are probably struggling with how to eat healthy on a consistent basis.  You try to follow some sort of eating regiment which includes, getting enough carbs or good fats or no carbs or a certain number of calories daily.  Each day you try to absorb all of this, while in the back of your head fast foods are whispering “just forget about it, this is just too complicated.”   But you are focused on a goal and you try to last a little longer when the forces around you go on attack and you just give up. 

Opposite to that are those friends of yours who each Sunday meal prep what they are going to eat for the next seven (7) days, organizing their meal containers with an assortment of food that in no time leans them out to their goal weight.  You look over at what they're eating and you say to yourself, “I’d rather eat a chocolate bar. I’m sure I’m much happier than they are.” Well, in some cases you certainly are.  I mean how could plain rice cakes win a battle over a Kit Kat bar.  I thought never, until I had the chance to try the food from  The vibrant colors and assortment of flavors that accompany each meal certainly opened my eyes to what eating healthy truly means.  Variety! Variety! Variety!

I recently sat down with the co-owner of Eat.Train.Live, Lonie Murdock, to better understand her food journey.  What amazed me was just how down to earth Lonie’s approach towards cooking and her passion to want to help others were.  Yes, one day she decided to give up a secure full-time job, with a reputable Telecommunications company, to start her own business. 

Lonie’s journey was not an unconventional one.  Born and raised in a small town Lonie and her siblings were products of a bi-racial marriage with her parents separating when she was around nine (9) years old.  Creativity was already embedded in this family but like most of us did not flourish until some family dynamics changed. It was when her mother became a single parent and began exploring the things in life that made her happy that Lonie’s entrepreneur spirit began to develop.  Food, in the past, for this family was bland and suited the taste buds of Lonie’s father but with Judy, Lonie’s mother, new found independence, Judy began her health and wellness journey, which opened Lonie’s eyes to all the delights that were at her finger tips. 

Judy, was born in Jamaica and had access to a wealth of flavors, which she began to introduce her children to.  As Judy’s creativity grew and her desire to follow her passion so did Lonie’s food journey.  Lonie began making different food dishes and when her mother saw how capable she was in the kitchen her mother shifted her focus from preparing family dinners to exploring her craft in makeup design.  This left Lonie will the job of preparing her own dinners nightly.

As a young adult Lonie was focused on raising her daughter and so it wasn’t until her late 20’s, when she entered a fitness competition, that she took another step closer to becoming an entrepreneur.  If any of you have trained for a fitness competition you understand how this can be both a painful and rewarding experience.  For Lonie, this was not a positive experience.  While this pushed her to accomplish a fitness goal she really did not enjoy the eating experience she encountered.  The lesson she did learn here was what foods where considered bad and what portion sizes looked like.  It was after this competition that Lonie adjusted her eating habits and began introducing to her lifestyle healthier options that had flavor.

We skip ahead now a few years and Lonie is introduced to her now significant other, who was a seasoned entrepreneur.  Lonie always felt all the jobs she had she never truly connected with.   At 5:01pm every week night Lonie felt her real life began as she surrounded herself with the things she enjoyed doing.  As Lonie’s health and wellness journey continued her significant other began to show her how easy it was to turn her passion into a career.  He spoke to her about the risks involved and mapped out a path she could take to make her dreams a reality. 

Two years ago, Lonie did just that, through a partnership with Dr Candice Todd.  Lonie turned in her 9-5 job from one she had no connection with to one that gives her tremendous satisfaction daily.   In less than two (2) years Lonie has added two additional staff and is focused on building out the other two parts of her organization, whereby one day she will offer a one stop shop facility. 

We, here at Shades of Influence, celebrate Lonie Murdock who has truly turned her Passion into a Career.  We invite you to try out this food delivery service, which is guaranteed to change your perspective on what healthy eating looks and taste like.

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