Yadda Yadda AKA The Art of Communicating


Today we are going to discuss communicating in the workplace and we are going to have some fun with it!

Raise your hand if you work with the following types of communicators:

The Loud Talker – this person speaks so loudly in all interactions, you want to suggest they get some help because they may have an inner ear issue. 

The Mumbler:  Sometimes known as the Soft Talker (thank you, Seinfeld), this person needs a megaphone because you cannot hear a word they are saying…ever. 

The Great Pretender:  They are obsessed with using big words and you know they probably do not know what half of those words mean.  This person also makes up words liberally.

The Overtalker: Try finishing a thought with this person and it just doesn’t happen.

The Storyteller: Once upon a time, in a faraway land…

The Boaster: They love to talk about their accomplishments and their accolades…even when all you said was ‘Good Morning’.

The Grunter: When you do say ‘Good Morning’ and the other person can barely eke out a mutual pleasantry.

Shades readers. we could go on and on with these characterizations and we certainly had a chuckle while writing about them, however what we really want to point out is how critical it is to have strong communication skills when dealing with others, especially if you don’t want to become a parody of yourself. 

So how do you do that?  Here are some general tips:

Learn to read others:

If you really pay attention, you will be able to decipher other people’s reactions to what you are saying and how you are saying it.  Look for facial expressions, body language and level of interest. 

Be clear and specific: 

Don’t beat around the bush and speak in generalities.  Make sure you know what you are saying.  You can tell a story for emphasis but always make the connection to the point you are highlighting.

Listen to hear and not to speak:

Be really present in the conversation.  Don’t just listen so you can make your own point.  Ensure you are really hearing what the other person is saying and be thoughtful and relevant in your responses. 

Be kind and pleasant:

Working with others to accomplish different goals and objectives requires teamwork and collaboration.  If you are a jerk, no one will want to work with you, period.

Be mindful:

This means watch your own space.  Listen to yourself.  Make sure you are approachable and check for understanding. 

Shades readers, these are only some tips to help you out.  There are tons of articles out there about communicating in the workplace so check them out.  Lastly, please excuse yourself politely when the Boaster comes around! 

Have a great week and please share on your social media channels!