Dale Carnegie Knew What He Was Talking About...

This month, we will be focusing on interpersonal skills and how important they are at work and in our personal lives as well.  

You may be thinking that everyone has interpersonal skills and you would be right as we all interact with others on some level, however most successful people have really great interpersonal skills.  They listen to and acknowledge others, they are sincere and generally possess a certain charisma or likability that will take them far in their interactions.  

Stop for a moment and think about someone who you feel has great interpersonal skills.  For me, Ellen Degeneres comes to mind.  She is, of course, funny but coupled with that, she seems to have an ability to draw others on and to make them feel like she is just like them.  

Having strong skills in this area can help you both at work and at home, as mentioned before.  Being able to interact well with others can assist you when selling an idea or simply resolving a conflict.

We will continue to explore this topic in more detail through the month. 

In the meantime, we really do recommend Dale Carnegie's book, How to Win Friends & Influence People for more information on this topic.  

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