Be Your Authentic Self


The bottom line is... (yup, we're cutting to the chase here).  The bottom line is any action you take that is done with the best of your abilities; without any ulterior motives; and is of a pure and genuine nature will be from your authentic self.  Anything done outside of this, simply is not.  Even though I've used the word "simple", it's actually anything but... 

More truth?  It is extremely hard to be authentic in everything that we do.  We sometimes do things we don't really want to or agree with to "keep the peace" or to not be viewed as a "trouble maker".  Sometimes we fib (okay, lie) to get something that we want from someone else.  We may convince ourselves that this behaviour is okay by justifying the reasons for it.  But is it really okay? 

My opinion?  I think that our rationalizations for our disingenuous behaviours are the lies we tell ourselves so that we can sleep at night.  Also, I think we are gradually and then suddenly losing bits of our ability to actually be authentic with each distorted action we take.

I turn this question over to you, what do you think and how authentically do you live your life?

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