20 Things You Can Do To Not Take Yourself Too Seriously!


  1. Complete a BIG puzzle.  One of those 400+ piece ones!
  2. Play with a child.  Not just be in the same room but get at their level and actually play.
  3. Put on something you think is sexy and dance around for your partner (or yourself).  Looking silly may be a bonus!
  4. Reach out to someone that you miss and tell them how you feel.  It might seem awkward at first however the feeling of satisfaction afterward will be well worth it.
  5. Play 'eye spy' with someone as you travel on your way to anywhere.
  6. Eat cake for breakfast! Not everyday but once in a blue moon can't hurt.
  7. Buy that outfit you like in your r-e-a-l size vs. "not".  Don't wait to enjoy wearing it some day.  Make some day today!
  8. Take a bubble bath.  Yes, I know showers are quicker but try it anyway.
  9. Intentionally walk in the rain.  Why?  Why not!
  10. Do something by yourself, like a movie, because you are great company!
  11. Strike up a quick conversation with a stranger while you wait at the doctor's office or grocery store check-out.  You might learn something new or just share a few jokes; either way you are left feeling good.
  12. Eat your favourite ice cream while going for a walk.
  13. Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable to stretch yourself.  Such as karaoke, a presentation at work or writing a blog (hint..hint).
  14. Volunteer with a charity organization and give back to your community.
  15. Have a 'backwards' day with your family by eating dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner.
  16. Try a little activity that you normally would not do like an art, dance or acting class.
  17. Plant a herb or vegetable garden and tend to it regularly.
  18. Change a diaper or scoop some poop..  for a quick dose of humbleness!
  19. Read a comic book and just enjoy the silly jokes.
  20. Reading to the bottom of this list is already an example of you not taking yourself too seriously.  Well done!

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