How to Stand Out and Create a Strong Brand at Work!


We at Shades of Influence have a lot of experience working in the corporate world and in all of our roles, we have been asked about how to make a good impression at work and how to build a strong brand.  We all have different ideas but we have some basic tips that should help you if you are looking to grow your career.  

Be confident, not boastful

We know that as we get more skilled, educated and experienced, sometimes that comes with some arrogance.  It's ok to be confident but being boastful and over confident is distasteful so make yourself aware of the difference.  

Know your current role really well

Knowing your job well will not only help you get to the next level in your career progression but it will also show your ability to show mastery.  But be careful - make sure you are also showing your ability to learn and grow even within your role or you could become easily typecast as being good at only that job.  

Be flexible

We are often astonished when we see people being inflexible at work. We often see it with employees who are tenured - they will often refer to 'the old days' when they didn't have to do certain things that they have to do now or they will say "why did things have to change"...let's rip off the band aid on this one...get over it!  It's ok to reflect on the past as a reference point but don't hang on.  Every thing changes and you will succeed and survive only if you embrace that concept.  

Show respect for the role you have

Everything you do is a stepping stone to where you want to go.  You may not love the job you have but respect it for what it will teach you and get yourself in a position to move forward.  

Take advantage of all opportunities, even the ones that don't seem related to your end goal

You can learn a lot from taking on different responsibilities or projects at work, even if they aren't obviously connected to your career path.  These opportunities can teach you new skills, help you network with others and help you build your brand.  Don't over-extend yourself but keep your lens wide.  

Have substance

Know what you are talking about, be purposeful in what you say, show your intelligence and skill.  Don't showcase yourself without having the stuff to prove what you are saying!  

So hopefully these tips will help you stand out positively at work.  Can you think of any other ways to make a good impression?  Let us know in the comments!