We Rise By Lifting Others

Shades readers, I don’t typically write about anything directly related to where I work, however I am making an exception today because I wanted to share something with you that I am very excited about.  On June 8 and 9, Rogers Communications employees will be participating in Give Together weekend which is an event dedicated to encouraging employees to sign up for volunteering in their communities.  In its second year, the campaign is a massive effort, designed to increase the awareness of the importance of volunteering and giving back to others in the towns and cities that we live in.  From picking up garbage along our shorelines to assisting with the Jays Care foundation and many other activities in between, you will see Rogers employees and their friends and families out and about that weekend helping others!  You can check out more details about the company program at https://about.rogers.com/community-2/give-together/.

SOF Hot House-10.jpg

Volunteering is such an important part of what makes a healthy community and it can also benefit you as well.  Helping others has the direct impact of improving someone’s life but it also does a few other things – it increases your level of empathy and compassion when you see some of the hard situations people go through, you become more grateful for the life you do have and from a professional perspective, you may build additional skills or make connections and friendships that can go a long way in the future.  These outcomes are all win/win. 

I do not volunteer enough and so I was excited to sign up with some members of my team. my husband and my brother to get out and contribute on that weekend and I hope we do it more regularly.  I highly encourage you to do some research and find a charity or an organization where you and your family can give of your time.  You may find that the rewards you reap will be more impactful than you think.  You can get more information at https://volunteer.ca/.

Have a great week, Shades readers.  Please share us!