United Together (aka Let's Go Raptors!)

Sunday May 24 was a day that will go down in Toronto history.  It was a day that has been anticipated for over 2 decades, from the time the Raptors franchise came into existence.  Everyone in this city will always remember where they were when the Raps won the Eastern Conference playoffs and advanced to the NBA finals, much like we remember when the Jays won the World Series back in the 1990s!

There have been many articles written and many pics published of Sunday’s celebrations, from the crowds at the game itself to Jurassic Park (where fans watched the game just outside of the Scotiabank Arena) to the street parties that ensued once the game was over.  There were two things that resonated for us from all that coverage.  The first is seeing the sheer power of how a sport can bring people together.  You see it all the time from soccer (football) matches to the Olympics…we saw it in full force in our city on Sunday.

The second amazing thing that we noticed was just how multicultural a city Toronto is!  In all of the pictures and video footage taken, it was amazing to see all shades, stripes, ages, clothing come out to celebrate.  Say what you want about immigration and immigration policies, most Torontonians are proud to represent their communities, their city and Canada.  We love that! 

So as the city prepares for the first game on Thursday, we say let’s not forget the unifying power of this particular period in our history and let’s make sure to continue to be kind to each other long after the Raps WIN the playoffs!     

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Creator:Nathan Denette